Monday, January 24, 2005

Some of my favorite writers & sites

Here are some of the people I read regularly, usually because they have a nice way with words and sentences, and bring a fresh perspective:

Frank Rich, every saturday in the NYTimes, a smart guy and great stylist

James Wolcott, funny and insightful blog

Digby @ Hullabaloo, ascerbic and, more often than not, on-the-mark

Tom Englehardt @ TomDispatch, great reporting and interesting analysis

The websites for the magazines and journals I read are a mixed bunch (they don't want to give all their content away), but worth checking out if you don't subscribe; the full content of each is probably also available to WPU students through the Cheng Library Electronic Journals page:

The New Yorker

The Atlantic


New York Review of Books

These two reporters are superb; I recommend you read anything with their bylines:
Seymour Hersh @ the New Yorker
James Fallows @ the Atlantic and elsewhere

There are plenty more I read regularly depending on the topic I am following closely at any given time.

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