Tuesday, November 15, 2005

reading list

reposting (with some additions) what I read regularly:

New York Times
-- the immortal Krugman is part of their TimesSelect; don't pay, go use lexis-nexis (through Cheng library homepage) instead.

Washington Post -- especially Dan Froomkin's essential White House Briefing published daily in the early afternoon

Atrios/Eschaton -- good site for frequently update links to liberal takes on the issues

DailyKos -- similar to Atrios

Digby @ Hullabaloo -- THE best commentator out there

Billmon @ Whiskey Bar -- almost as good as Digby

TomDispatch -- great essays by Tom Englehardt and friends

Wolcott -- snarky and dazzling with the prose

Juan Cole -- great on Iraq and Middle East in general

arthur silber at once upon a time is extremely thoughtful, eloquent and intelligent.

Salon -- firewall -- ya gotta watch a commercial -- but some good stuff including the daily War Room and the Daou Report blog round-up

The Progress Report
-- a daily email from the Center for American Progress that is meticulously researched

There are plenty more, but that's a start

oh, and I shouldn't leave off the mags I read:

New Yorker -- usually pretty weak webpage but some of the best reporting

The Atlantic -- good webpage

Harpers -- weak webpage, great mag

New York Review of Books
-- webpage has about half the articles


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