Thursday, March 08, 2007

Links for a talk on "Blogs as information gatekeepers"

CTE & LLST Forum announcement: Critically Evaluating Information on the Web

Dewar MacLeod homepage

W. Caleb McDaniel, Blogging in the Early Republic

Stephen Downes, Principles for Evaluating Websites

Glenn Greenwald on blogs as community of researchers

Rick Perlstein, Bloggers upstage the mainstream press yet again

Peter Daou, The Triangle: The Limits of Blog Power

WaPo article: Teens Can Multitask, But What Are Costs?

A link sent by a student: Global Warming happens every 1500 years


Anonymous said...

I found the link to the global warming article very informative and has greated a desire to find more info. It's hard to know what to believe when there are such conflicting "facts".

dewar macleod said...

argh.... the global warming article link is there as an example of the kind of article that is NOT useful.

if anyone is interested, I can go through it closely and show HOW to read the article critically.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would be very interested!

Kevin & Blanca said...

hey! when you told me about your blog post, i had to check. nope it wasnt me :)

oh by the way, i like your homepage, it has so many web links to like "everywhere" very cool!

Anonymous said...

eh.. nice thoughts :)

sheds WA said...

great.. and I've bookmarked it.

sheds WA