Thursday, October 14, 2004

Military websites

Stephen from Historical Methods sends along this posting:
Here is a list of some very useful military websites. I figured it could help some students. ! WARNING ! Several of these websites are monitored by the government and their use is tracked and recorded. Some people claim additional surveillance of those who access the sites may also occur. Most of the sites are official government sites and parts of them are only accessible to government officials. Despite being open to the public they are monitored for hacking and electronic warfare by other parties. So if you’re a tin foil hat type of guy you might not want to have a look at them. While you can’t get in trouble for looking at them there are restrictions on their reproductions. Also on a side note many of the phone numbers are for official government use only and they’re not happy when you call them (I know).

I think it is important to maintain a close relationship between the armed forces and the country. I have several family members who have or are serving in the armed forces and the way they're portrayed in the media, culture, and politics is often far from the truth. The current armed forces have become a sub-culture in the United States over the past few years. Closing this divide between the armed forces and the people of this country is of the utmost importance to both parties. A common comparison some military offices use is that of the Roman Empire. When the Rome was a republic with a small population it had no problem raising armies of thousands. When Rome was at its peak and controlled almost a quarter the population of the world it struggled to raise armies in years which it could once raise in months. A huge divide had opened in Rome between its people and the legions. This bond once united the Romans and held together their republic. Once that divide opened the legions no longer saw themselves as Romans. In my opinion it’s a civic duty to always bridge any gap which arises between a people and those who would defend them. These sites offer information’s from current military equipment to thesis papers by graduating officers of the war college, ranging from the war on terror to nuclear proliferation. These sites are important because people shouldn’t look at world events as "movies" or "snap shots" of far off places. The majority of American's taking part in these "movies" and "snap shots" are our soldiers.

Branches of U.S.A. Armed Forces Army Navy Marine Corp Cost Guard

Department of Defense (Most monitored sites) DOD Homepage DOD Almanac DOD Fact File

Other Military Sites Scientific and Technical Information Network (Heavily Monitored) Military Dictionary Combined Arms Research Library Command and General Staff College United States Army Military History Institute Center for Army Lessons Learned United States Army Center for Military History Center for Strategic Leadership Strategic Studies Institute Combat Studies Institute Air Force Historical Research Agency Air Force History Support Office Naval Historical Center Marine Corp History

Private Sites Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States U.S. Naval Institute Federation of American Scientist
(Very good source for people who are unfamiliar with Military equipment) Network for POWS List of Sub Human shit that claims to have served or have been POWS Defense News Janes Defense
(The always amazing Janes Company from the UK)

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